501 1st St and Broadway W
507 1st St and Hill E
549 Aliso St and Los Angeles St E
618 Arcadia St and Los Angeles St W
896 Cal State LA E
897 Cal State LA W
1185 Figueroa St and 5th St E
1186 Figueroa St and 7th St E
1187 Figueroa St and 8th St E
1188 Figueroa St and 9th St E
1193 6th St and Hope St W
1745 1st St and Hope St E
1747 Figueroa St and 3rd St E
1750 Hope St and 8th St W
1751 Hope St and 9th St W
2474 Spring St and 1st St E
2475 Spring St and 1st St W
2501 Sunset Ave and Robert O Young
2526 Sunset Ave and Plaza Dr N
2591 Patsaouras Plaza Busway Station E
2593 USC Medical Center E
2594 USC Medical Center W
2818 Patsaouras Plaza Busway Station W
3015 Spring St and Temple St W
3153 Hope St and 1st St W
3162 Flower St and 4th St S
3169 1st St and Hill St W
3589 Flower St. and 3rd St.